Evadne Sarai - Bio
Evadne Sarai

About Evadne

From a young age, Evadne studied several forms of dance, including tap and ballet, until she found her true passion in the art of bellydance. She has studied the intricacies of the dance with a myriad of esteemed international bellydance artists and instructors, and she currently teaches her own beginner/intermediate classes in Old Bridge and Matawan, NJ.

She has performed to live and recorded music at famous bellydance venues such as the Grisly Pear and Lafayette Grill in NYC, as well as many other restaurants, hafla, and parties in the tri-state area. Currently, she is honored to perform as the house dancer at Lemon Mediterranean Restaurant in Freehold, NJ.

Her name is taken from two sources of inspiration. In Greek mythology, Evadne was the name of a graceful water spirit who lived in the fountains of Argos. If she had danced, surely the liquid, flowing movements of bellydance would have been her favorite! "Sarai" is an alternate spelling of "Sarah," which was Evadne's mother's name. Evadne carries the name in her honor, and in remembrance of her fire and beauty.

Evadne is currently available for private lessons, restaurant performances, cultural festivals and demonstrations, bachelorette parties (no bachelor or male-only parties, please), anniversaries, showers, birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations! Contact her for more information.